Friday, February 27, 2015

San Francisco archbishop backs off on strict morals code for teachers 
[San Francisco Chronicle, 2/25/15]
Under pressure from parents, students and staffers at the San Francisco Catholic Archdiocese’s schools, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone said Tuesday that he is peeling back strict guidelines he proposed for teachers that would require them to reject homosexuality, use of contraception and other “evil” behavior. 

The Constitutional Challenge to Teacher Tenure
[Education Law Professor’s Blog, 2/24/15]:
This past summer the trial court in Vergara v. State struck down California's tenure statutes and its last-in-first-out  rules for layoffs. A copycat suit followed in New York shortly thereafter. Given the momentous nature of the case and the litigants' intent to spread the theory across other states, serious consideration of the issues the case and theory raise are incumbent. 

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